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We welcome all feedback, it helps us to maintain what we believe is a good service.
If you are a current or previous customer, please feel free to leave a comment about the wheelie bin stickers and/or delivery.
Your e-mail address will not be shared, or used for contact or marketing purposes.

Average Vote: 5.0/5
2015-08-18 21:24:57
Do you do the 40MPH in the bulk packs
Kim Edwards
2015-06-08 19:49:40
Very happy with my wheelie bin stickers.
2015-06-07 12:54:45
Really fast delivery. Looks great on dustbin
Leigh Greenham
2015-06-07 10:54:00
The '30mph Please Drive Carefully' stickers were delivered very promptly and have been well received by the villagers who have their wheelie bins on our lanes on collection days. Quality is good.
Colin Craven
2015-06-07 09:37:49
Great Service, the signs have made a real impact , even more so as I live next to a primary school.
Jon Wild
2015-02-18 13:03:29
These are a great idea and I hope to gather enough support from other parents on my estate to make a bulk purchase in the near future
Smartwheelie response
2015-02-10 12:21:53
Dear Peter
Thank you for the comment below. I respond as follows;

I have carried out a lot of research into this recently, mainly because I was once asked to appear on a national radio programme to defend and promote the use of my wheelie bin stickers. I have heard the argument about creating a legal loophole so a motorist could potentially avoid a speeding fine, but I have never been able to find a reference to anyone being acquitted of a such a speeding offence. Also, I supply these signs to many constabularies, county councils and parish councils up and down the country.

The following is some information regarding the use of 30mph signs according to The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, Direction 11 (paragraph 4). Found in House Commons Library Standard Note 1921;

Where there is a 30mph speed limit AND the presence of carriageway street lighting (not just path lighting) then the erection of 30mph 'repeater' signs are prohibitive.

There is a further document which goes on to say;

A 'repeater' sign is a sign which shows a black '30' within a red circle only and will have dimensions between 300mm and 1500mm

I don't believe our stickers can be classified as a repeater sign as the red circle is only 190mm diameter and carries the slogan 'Please Drive Carefully'. They are what they are, they are wheelie bin stickers.
If it wasn't the case then the Highways Agency would be breaking their own rules by installing flashing 30mph signs. But, I believe this is legal as the illuminated signs always carry a 'Slow Down' caption.

I hope this helps with your argument
Kevin Isaaks
Peter Wardell-Yerburgh
2015-02-09 21:12:55
Hi, I love the signs and am trying to encourage our parish council to fund a bulk purchase for my village. However when I approached them I was told that some research by one of the clerks had shown the signs to be illegal. Have you ever heard anything similar ? Any ideas how I can challenge this numpty?!
S Roberts
2014-12-02 15:25:32
Reasonably priced, very useful stickers, clear, easy to apply and delivered promptly. Instructions telling which side of the bins to stick them might be useful so as not to be damaged by the mechanics of the lorries. Let's hope they have the desired effect on motorists!
Mike Mills
2014-10-23 16:08:39
Product is good quality and I believe will give excellent service. It is early days for us as we have recently received our order but we have hopes of most of our Neighbourhood Watch making use of the stickers.
June Nayler
2014-10-22 08:51:13
Excellent service, would like to order more, maybe a whole village worth.
Would have liked larger size too.
2014-10-21 20:18:24
Sent a sample 1st class post ,very good communication and fast delivery, 5star service .
Beverley Pomells
2014-10-21 16:36:44
Great service, thank you very much.
Adrian Hoare
2014-09-08 16:49:22
Fast service and good stickers.
2014-09-06 09:57:44
Speed of response - unbeatably good. Clarity of signage - excellent. One problem: because of their size, the signs are not as readable as I would like from the distance I would like. I think my wheelie bins would take an A3 size signs. Any plans to produce them at this size?
wendy Eastell
2014-09-05 15:51:07
Excellent product delivered next day, Thank you
Jonathan Lincoln
2014-09-05 11:46:59
Excellent service and next day delivery ! The product is of high quality and looks great on the wheelie bin - thank you ;-)
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